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ichor on my teeth
as I leaned in to kiss him                 Pygmalion wax             


                   from the dust charging outside

our storm cell slouches         and electric assays of wind hides

this city from its sacked figurines               wherein I lose him


Extract from 'The Sleeping Lady' by Jay G Ying.

Issue 12

edited by Ian Humphreys

and Jo Clement 

cover by Lou Crosby

Issue 11

edited by Poetry School

and Jo Clement 

cover by Qi Fang

This is everyone knowing their place.
These are the men, bound for heaven.
This is reeking blood and this the song
for the breath of women, which is sweet.
These are the women not breathing.
This is them being loved, a knight apiece.
These are the rules. This is a poem
which expresses them; this is a revivalist painting.

Extract from 'Chivalry Street' by Rachel Piercey

                                                                      When you are twenty, one hundred and fifty million of us will have no homes. There will be no towns, no schools, no warm beds in which to hold each other in the still sure light. We will leave this planet for another, ascending into the billion galaxies ribboning above, the blue earth wrapped in a blanket we made, its million tears and frays in need of mending.

Extract '1 day old, 6.03 a.m.' by Carolyn Jess-Cooke

Issue 10

edited by George Aird, James Giddings and Degna Stone

cover by Mark Bletcher

Issue 9

edited by Jo Clement, Edward Doegar and Degna Stone

cover by Qi Fang

Remember how I flinched and you bit my ear to distract me from this muscular shuddering this movement of internal peony-dense flesh this sting-twisting and somewhere near the centre of me I could feel a dilating like how a sea anemone releases its blood-rich tentacles into the saline current

Extract 'Plug' by Richard Scott

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