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Cover Art:

Danny Allison



Mark Russell
Chris Ogden
Lesley Burt
Richie McCaffery
Steven Earnshaw
Claire Cox
Kathy Gee
Roy Marshall
Barbara Barnes
Pamela Gormally
Shadwell Smith
Andrew McDonnell
Peter Branson
Seán Martin
David Spittle
Blaine Ward
Bridget Khursheed
Robin Kidson
Jacob Polley
Michael Brown
Julie-ann Rowell
Roisin Kelly
Daniel Sluman
Tania Hershman



Jake Campbell, Pippa Little & Andrew Sclater

Butcher's Dog Issue 7

  • We hope you enjoy the latest Butcher’s Dogas much as we do, crammed as it is with an array of different and striking voices. It seems every issue receives a steeper avalanche of submissions; poems tackling every kind of subject in various ways. Reading the poems this time was always a pleasure, as there was simply no knowing what we would come upon next.

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