Spring Submissions

Issue 17 

Open: January 1st 2022
Deadline:  January 31st 2022, Midnight

Co-Edited by:
Ella Duffy, Pippa Little and Kate Simpson


​Eligible poets should currently be based in the UK or ROI. Each issue includes some authors who share a connection to Northern England or whose poems explore ‘the North’ thematically or tangentially. Our poets don't exclusively live in the North or write about it. We include a strong mix of work.

So what do we publish? Put simply: great poetry. There is no other theme. We read your work completely anonymously and publish established authors alongside previously unpublished and emerging voices. It's our ethos to publish accomplished poems by the most exciting poets. 

We operate a best practice policy whereby poems of great promise - that are perhaps a little dog-eared - will still be longlisted. As experienced editors, we may suggest changes to improve poems in terms of their musicality and meaning, as well as the basics of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. We are happy to hear why particular choices have been made but will never publish work below the standard readers expect from Butcher’s Dog.


Submissions are free. Please consider dropping a few quid in our Tip Jar to contribute toward rising publication costs. You should read any publication before sending work for inclusion. If you've never held a copy of the Dog, please buy one of our magazines or consider taking out a subscription.

Ineligible and simultaneous submissions do not cost us money, but they do cost time. As an independent and unfunded publisher, this is our most valuable asset. Please be mindful of this courtesy and only send us work that is not being read elsewhere. 

If you don't follow these guidelines, you'll stand out for the wrong reasons:


Please send us a single Word document or .pdf containing your poems:  

  • No more than three unpublished and original poems.

  • A new page for each poem and its title (40 lines per poem max).

  • Text only: no colours, fonts, or images.

  • The author’s name should not appear on or in poems.

  • Translations are accepted where permission to publish is secured in advance from the original author or their estate.

The last page of the above document must also contain your contact details:

  • A valid email address. Please check this is correct, or we can't reply with an outcome.

  • Your full name and postal address. (Without exception, you must currently live in the UK or ROI).

  • A list of the submitted poem titles.

  • A brief hello and/or short biography.

Midnight January 31st 2022

Following the above process allows the editors to read your poems anonymously. Please ensure you read and adhere to it closely. Once we have arrived upon our long list - this usually takes a couple of months - we get in touch via the email address contained on the contact page in your submission. We can't reply to you unless there is an email address on your contact page.

Ready? To launch the Submissions Portal, 
Click the big red button below. 


Uploading is simple: you can either manually select your file or drag and drop. Then, all that's left to do is complete the short form and click send. (Please note: not all browsers require this short form and we do not receive any of the information within it).​

The portal will confirm on-screen when your submission has been made. This means your poems are now with the editors. Changes cannot be made after this time, so make sure to do your best editing before you press send. Good luck.