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Cover Art:

'Untitled (Bench) 19', from The Lockdown Paintings by Narbi Price © 2020,



Sarah Stewart
Kym Deyn
Claire Collison
Pey Oh
Cat Campbell
Harriet Truscott
Alice Frecknall
Victoria Bennett
Rachel Burns
Carolyn Jess-Cooke
Jessica Traynor
Jane Commane
Amelia Loulli
Thomas Stewart
Elizabeth Mann
Joshua Judson
Jo Bratten
Samuel Tongue
Derek Brown
Agnieszka Studzińska
Rachel Bower
Suzannah Evans
Jessica Traynor



Dr Jo Clement & Aoife Lyall

Butcher's Dog Issue 14

  • A lot can happen in two weeks, we said when we opened submissions for this Autumnal issue. It held true: in a fortnight, we received more poems than we usually do in a month. Uncomfortably adrift as we all feel, the poems waiting in this issue invite us to contemplate who and what it is that matters to us most.

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