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Cover Art:

Isabel Rock



Nathaniel King
Flo Reynolds
Katherine Stansfield
Laura Tansley
Alex Harper
Claire Collison
Selina Rodrigues

Carolyn Jess-Cooke
Terry Jones
Anna Chilvers
Alannah Taylor
L Kiew
Lara Frankena
Craig Dobson
Rosie Garland
Fiona Cartwright
Andrew F Giles
Kate Davis
Joanna Sedgwick
Amy McCauley
Stephen Devereux
Matthew Paul
Aaron Kent
Jack Houston
Abi Palmer



Sophie F Baker, Amy Mackelden & Clare Pollard

Butcher's Dog Issue 8

  • Reading submissions for Butcher’s Dog is never dull. With over one thousand poems submitted to issue 8, the selection process was tougher than Adele’s beehive on a windy cliff. 

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