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Cover Art:

Ornamental Conifer



Andy Fletcher
Fiona Cartwright
Catherine Ayres
Char March
Ian Humphreys
Jane Burn
Terry Jones
Stephanie Green
Rob Walton
Gaia Holmes
Sarah James
Sarah Moor
John Maguire
Sarah Westcott
Kerry Featherstone
Catherine Edmunds
Lydia Hounat
Chloe Balcomb
Shirley Wright
Andrew Pullan
Neil Fulwood



Amy Mackelden, Carolyn Jess-Cooke & Andrew Sclater

Butcher's Dog Issue 5

  • Welcome to issue five of Butcher’s Dog, for which we received an incredible 850 poems. The editors’ task to select just 23 of them from a crop of such finely tuned, innovative and daring submissions was not easy. It was a privilege to read them all and to have the task of selecting the very best for inclusion in this issue.

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