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Cover Art:

Qi Fang



Taylor Edmonds

Anna Selby

Rachel Long

Alexander Shaw

Catherine Edmunds

Julia Webb

Lewis Buxton

Padraig Regan

Jacqueline Saphra

Rachel Long

Will Harris

David Spittle

Dawn Gorman

Robert Ford

Tony Williams

Karen Hodgson

PryceIan Humphreys

Roland Fischer-Vousden

William Stephenson

Thomas Crompton

Niall Firth

Richard Scott



Jo Clement, Edward Doegar & Degna Stone

Butcher's Dog Issue 9

  • There’s no getting around it, there’s a lot of filth in this issue; from clitoral feasts to anal fillings – the magazine is full of sex. This came as quite a surprise. We weren’t on the look out for poems of a sexual nature and if we suspected ourselves of selection bias when reading the poems it would, more likely, have been a preference for politically-engaged submissions. But the overtly sexual subject matter of some of these poems is political in its very existence. 

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