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Cover Art:

Louise Crosby



Aoife Lyall

Kayleigh Campbell

Jay Whittaker

Cat Woodward

Charlotte Ansell

Barbara Barnes

Carole Bromley

Emily S Cooper

Michael Brown

Heidi Beck

Geraldine Clarkson

Louise Essex

Jay G Ying

Zelda Chappel

Kirsten Luckins

Lisa Matthews

Stuart Pickford

Michael Conley

David Borrott

Jane Burn

Rowena Knight

Damian Le Bas

Charles Heathcote

Konstandinos Mahoney



Dr Jo Clement & Ian Humphreys

Butcher's Dog Issue 12

  • We received almost two thousand anonymous submissions to Issue 12 of our canny little mag – more than enough to set our tails wagging. If this creative outpouring reflects the condition of poetry being written in the UK today, it’s safe to say we’re in pretty good shape.

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