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Cover Art:

Mark Ragnvald Bletcher



Barbara Barnes 

Joe Caldwell

Ila Colley 

Stuart Charlesworth

Josephine Corcoran 

Jenny Danes

Suzannah Evans 

Lauren Garland 

Tanya Guvi 

Oz Hardwick 

Carolyn Jess-Cooke 

Anna Kisby

Rowena Knight

Martin Malone

Roy Marshall 

Julie Mellor 

Cynthia Miller 

Abegail Morley

Michelle Penn

Mark Russell

Lenni Sanders 

Jacqueline Saphra

Jo Surzyn

Pam Thompson



George Aird, James Giddings & Degna Stone

Butcher's Dog Issue 10

  • Here we are. We’ve made it all the way to issue 10 of our canny little mag! Now what? Well, we’ve decided to enter a fallow year; a time to let the ground rest, a time to take stock. 

    Before we go, we leave you with 24 poems that seem to fit these uncertain times perfectly, if ‘uncertain’ doesn’t seem like too much of an understatement. Maybe dark times is better. The poems that you’ll meet in this issue come from a place that feels very much on the edge, from the impending apocalypse of Lauren Garland’s kim jong-un threatened final doom of the u.s. to the nihilistic behaviour of Zuriel Jameson in Roy Marshall’s poem. 

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