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Butcher's Dog regularly gives free copies of the magazine and event tickets to those who need them most: youth groups, individuals, reading groups, and vital social support/educational networks.


We also post copies direct to folks experiencing a financial crisis. This might mean a person is in an emergency, or one-off tight spot. Perhaps this happens regularly because they're experiencing health, work, caring, or relationship challenges. Or maybe they're from a group which has put them at a major socio-economic disadvantage. For those who wish to remain anonymous, we also send copies to local libraries. This way, a whole community can benefit.


Here at the Dog, we think everyone deserves to keep up with the latest exceptional poetry from the UK and ROI, and we're proud to share our magazine with all who want to read it, regardless of their background or financial status.


Your gift will help us to cover these costs so we can continue to pay kindness forward and bring poetry to new and deserving audiences who want it.


Click here to buy a Pay It Forward and pass on the joy of poetry to those who need it most.

Running a poetry magazine is great fun but it also takes a tremendous amount of work.

We do this because we love poetry. If you love poetry, please consider making a donation.

The magazine has been unfunded for over a decade. If you'd like to keep us in press,  click the logo below to donate through our Ko-Fi.

We're not just for Christmas.
Help keep us fit as.

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