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Cover Art:

Qi Fang



Ruth Aylett

Sarah Wimbush

Matthew Hedley Stoppard

Alison Binney

Liz Byrne

John Irving Clarke

Clare Lynn

Stephen Keeler

Sue Norton

Roy Marshall

Denni Turp

Olga Dermott-Bond

Roshni Gallagher

Gareth Culshaw

Ilse Pedler

Martin Malone

Anne Ryland

Laura T. Fyfe 

Joanna Ingham

Louise Warren

Jonathan Kinsman

Padraig Regan

Natalie Baron

Fiona Cartwright

Rosie Garland

Bernadette McAloon



Dr Jo Clement & Aoife Lyall

Butcher's Dog Issue 13

  • When we announced the call for submissions back in January, we quipped that issue 13 would be lucky for some. Written long before the virus struck, these are not poems in response to the pandemic. And yet, many have proved prophetic

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