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Give the Dog a bone and join the Pack today! 

Subscribers are the first to receive our latest edition direct to their doormats, twice a year. That's a brand spanking new mag packed full of exciting new voices and fresh editorial vision every Spring and Autumn. 

Why set up a Direct Debit? 
A £20 subscription covers the postage, packing and transportation costs for two magazines: Spring and Autumn. Please indicate which issue number you'd like to start with upon checkout. 


Subscribers save more with a Direct Debit and benefit from perks such as early bird delivery and free Guest List entry to our online events. This means a minimum of £6 savings just on our launches and none of the booking admin. No fuss - to book your seat simply 'buy' a free ticket with our special code.

Previously we've included extra special one-off treats in subscriber envelopes such as limited edition handmade prints, hand-pressed pin badges, postcards, stickers and exclusive access to and discounts on the full range of our editorial packages.


Without a Direct Debit, magazine subscriptions cost £26 for the year. 


Direct Debits help us to forecast financially for each publication year ahead. Paying without this automatic renewal means you get two magazines but no bonus treats.


From 2022 our magazines cost £9.98 inclusive of postage and packing. Launch and special event tickets are £5 each. All can be purchased individually. In these uncertain times, we appreciate that subscriptions aren't tenable or beneficial for everyone. We welcome your support in every form.


Subscribing is a pre-order and this helps us cover upfront costs involved with printing and press maintenance. We can only print our next magazine with enough sales from the current issue. Rising costs now include accessible online event hosting and software such as Zoom, Rev and Doodle.


Buy any of our subscriptions today and you’ll help keep us independent and support the mix of emerging and established poets we strive to publish annually.

UK Subscription

Price Options
One-time purchase
Direct Debit (Full)
Subscribe and Save £6
£20.00every year until canceled
  • If you want your subcription to start with our forthcoming issue, this will posted as an Early Bird delivery as soon as it is printed. Otherwise, you'll get our current issue. Orders placed before 4pm are dispatched the next working day first class. Royal Mail aims to deliver UK parcels in 2-3 working days, including Saturdays. For international orders, this can take 6-10 working days. 

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