Been staring at the same page for days?

Punctuation, spelling and grammatical issues are the first red flags a publisher notices. Often, these kinds of issues tell us a piece of writing needs a little further time and attention. Butcher's Dog can help you improve the readability of your writing to ensure it is free of error, inconsistency and repetition. Beyond the very basic - usually mechanical - proofreading other sites offer, we specialise in the meaning of a text. We read to sense check what your written material is conveying and how. So whatever you are writing: poetry, prose or prose-poetry, we have editorial skills at the ready to elevate your work in preparation for submission to publishers.

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£40 per hour

Submission Feedback

£33.50 for 1 poem

£60 for 2 poems


£90 for 3 poems

Butcher's Dog receives thousands of poetry submissions with every call. Once the long and short lists are announced our inboxes quickly fill up with requests for feedback that we simply can't provide for free. If you've sent us poems and wondered what we thought worked well and crucially what might need developing, then this is the service for you. We now offer personal in-depth submission feedback. 


We'll send you a document that critically explores the language and sound of your poem. In addition, you'll receive a personal, detailed response to how the engine of your poem works in terms of meaning and how this might change. 

Costs are in line with suggested minimum rates from the Society of Editors and Proofreaders. There are lowers rates available for feedback on multiple poems. Please note: the service is only available to poets who have submitted their work to Butcher's Dog and wish to develop their writing practice further with Doctoral standard guidance. 

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Newcastle, United Kingdom