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Want to know how the Butcher's Dog editors responded to your submission? 


We're delighted to offer feedback to give you some steer on how to improve and identify what worked well in your submitted poem(s).


Gentle but purposeful, this industry-standard feedback package provides you with a personal response to your poem(s) by email. You'll receive up to 300 carefully chosen words of feedback offering an editorial perspective that will give you confidence, knowledge, and new direction on your writing practice.


This offer is available to poets who have submitted their work to the latest call of our canny little mag. Feedback is sent to you by email within two weeks of purchase.  Pricing is in line with the minimum industry rates suggested by the Society of Authors and the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.


'Wow! What a gift this feedback is. The document contained a detailed, focused and careful reading of each of my poems written in a friendly yet precise way. The technical feedback was invaluable, especially from an editorial perspective. However, the feedback was so much more than this; an open and generous exploration of my poems from an expert reader’s perspective and the themes, emotions and ideas these prompted. It’s a real thrill to read how someone has engaged with my work.


The comments were both specific and constructive; helping me identify which parts of the poems worked and which needed more attention. Within the detailed feedback on each poem were insights into how the poems connected to one another - this drew my attention to wider aspects of my style/voice and the themes of my work that are sometimes hard for me to see when I am so close to my work. The encouraging and supportive tone made me feel the editors really wanted me to succeed. As well as making these poems stronger, I’ve been able to take the learning and apply it to other pieces - this experience has boosted my confidence and encouraged me to be bolder with my writing'.

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