"Butcher’s Dog have taken great care with my poetry. The feedback is detailed, constructive and illuminating. It discusses specific aspects of sound and language in each poem, what’s working and why. It also explores the mode, meaning and feeling of the pieces, including the editor’s personal response to the work. Having received feedback on multiple poems, I also gained insight into the development of my voice as a poet. Critique and suggestions are clear, helpful and with the heart of the poem in mind. I have learned a great deal and this feedback is going to improve my work a lot! Huge thanks to the team".

Been staring at the same page for days?

Punctuation, spelling and grammatical issues are the first red flags a publisher will notice. These issues tell us a piece of writing needs a little further time and attention. Butcher's Dog can help you improve the readability of your writing to ensure it is free of error, inconsistency and repetition.


Beyond the very basic - usually mechanical - proofreading other sites offer, we specialise in the meaning of a text. We sense check what your material is conveying and how. So whatever you are writing: poetry, prose or prose-poetry, we have editorial skills at the ready to elevate your work in preparation for submission to publishers.


£33.50 for 1 poem

£60 for 2 poems


£90 for 3 poems

Want a personalised response to your latest poem? We now offer in-depth editorial feedback.

Our tailored feedback outlines how the engine of your poem works for a reader, what meanings are conveyed and how your use of language might be improved upon.

Pricing is in line with minimum rates suggested by the Society of Editors and Proofreaders. 

The editorial support is of industry standard and delivered with postdoctoral insight.


We can't wait to read your work! 


"'I sent Jo three poems I hadn't quite got to work how I had wanted, they were not quite there and I couldn't see how. Jo showed not only where they fell down but also where they were better than I thought. By highlighting the strengths, she added a clarity to the weaknesses. Jo is an incisive and considerate editor, and her instincts are to be trusted“.

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"Wow! What a gift this feedback is. The document contained a detailed, focused and careful reading of each of my poems written in a friendly yet precise way. The technical feedback was invaluable, especially from an editorial perspective. However, the feedback was so much more than this; an open and generous exploration of my poems from an expert reader’s perspective and the themes, emotions and ideas these prompted. It’s a real thrill to read how someone has engaged with my work. The comments were both specific and constructive; helping me identify which parts of the poems worked and which needed more attention. Within the detailed feedback on each poem were insights into how the poems connected to one another - this drew my attention to wider aspects of my style/voice and the themes of my work that are sometimes hard for me to see when I am so close to my work. The encouraging and supportive tone made me feel the editors really wanted me to succeed. As well as making these poems stronger, I’ve been able to take the learning and apply it to other pieces - this experience has boosted my confidence and encouraged me to be bolder with my writing“.

Newcastle, United Kingdom