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Imogen Bright Moon


Imogen Bright Moon is a British Romani craftswoman, weaver and poet. She contributes both a poem and a piece of visual art to the Roma Women’s Poetry Anthology, giving voice and vision to the folklore of
nomadic weaving superstitions, whilst working at the liminal space of the loom during the Covid-19 pandemic. This combined work of weaving-and-words is dedicated to her maternal Romani Grandmothers, Keziah Cooper and Sarah Cooper-Draper. It shares the wisdom that emerges
through paying deep attention to our ancestors in times of need.

The Selkie: Weaving & The Wild Feminine (Magpie Magazine Press, 2018) was first published as a visual narrative companion to the exhibition of the same name, held at ONCA Ecological Art Gallery, Brighton, UK. Imogen contributed a chapter to Woven & Worn: Wearable Crafts - the search for well-being and sustainability in the modern world (Canopy Press, 2019). She contributes to collaborative and educational craft projects represented by The Romani Cultural & Arts Company and is an associate member of
The European Roma Institute for Arts & Culture, Crafts Council and The Heritage Crafts Association.

Imogen Bright Moon
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