Welcome to the Butcher's Blog

What do you publish?

The Dog House Review publishes non-fiction prose in response to poetry. We share well-considered, probing and imaginative blogs about writing by a diverse range of authors across a range of contexts and periods to broaden conversation and engagement.

Who is eligible?

Our call is open worldwide to anyone writing in English. Blogs about translation are very welcome. If the blog includes extensive citations from another poet's work, please secure permission to publish online in advance from the original author or their estate.

What don’t you publish?

Please note: The Dog House Review does not publish poetry. This happens in our printed journals, zines and anthologies. These have entirely separate calls with different guidelines. In both cases, we do not publish previously published work.

We do not want to read or see - and under no circumstances will we publish - texts or images that promote any forms of hate, discrimination, violence or obscenities. Personal attacks, trolling, misinformation and spam are also unwelcome. We will not engage with submissions of this kind, or their authors.

How do I send you my blog?

Via Submittable. Please upload a single Word Document in Size 12, Times New Roman. Your accessible, emotive and engaging prose about poetry should please adhere to these upper word limits:

  • Reviews (up to 2000 words max)

  • Interviews (up to 2000 words max)

  • Memoirs (up to 2000 words max)

Do not send more than one submission to The Dog House Review at a time.

When do I hear back?

Within three months. Our submissions portal is open year-round and we publish monthly. We intend to publish well-crafted work that authentically engages with poetry, poets and creative writing practices. If it excites us, we'll share it.

Do you pay for submissions?

As a non-profit outfit, we neither charge submission fees nor are we in a position to offer payment.


​​Once your blog has been submitted via the Submittable link below, it is with the editors and changes cannot be made after this time. Make sure to do your best editing before you press send. Good luck!