Spotlight: Butcher's Dog Issue 6

Poets submitting to Butcher’s Dog are often keen to know what it is that we’re looking for. The answer is, we don’t really know. That is not until we read a poem and realise that it’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for. With each unthemed call for submissions we hope to receive poems that surprise us, poems that invite us in, poems that show us something new about the world. And with a different editorship for each issue that ‘whatever-it-is’ is constantly changing.

In Autumn 2015 Degna Stone, Luke Allan and Wendy Heath edited by our sixth issue. Buy a copy to read all these poets below! #bdturns10

Anita Pati

Laura McKee

Kris Johnson

Marion Oxley

Julie Hogg

Angela France

Sarah Hymas


Andrew Fenham

Shauna Robertson

Angus Sinclair

Matthew Dobson

Jo Cornwell

Vicky Morris

Francesca King

Alec Finlay

Helen Boden

Wendy Pratt

Rebecca Gethin

Alex Reed


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