Spotlight: Butcher's Dog Issue 5

Welcome to Spring 2015!

Edited by the triumphant trio of Amy Mackelden, Carolyn Jess-Cooke and Andrew Sclater, issue five contains poems of humour and tragedy, affection and disaffection, some tightly knitted, some threadbare.

all of them say something distinctive to us and ring in our ears after we put them down. Like an unexpected discovery on Netflix, these poems linger in the mind, and demand we return to them again and again.

Buy a copy to read more. #BDturns10

Charlotte Ansell

Andy Fletcher

Fiona Cartwright

Catherine Ayres

Char March

Ian Humphreys

Jane Burn

Terry Jones

Stephanie Green

Rob Walton

Gaia Holmes

Sarah James

Sarah Moor

John Maguire

Sarah Westcott

Kerry Featherstone

Catherine Edmunds

Lydia Hounat

Chloe Balcomb

Shirley Wright

Andrew Pullan

Neil Fulwood


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