Spotlight: Butcher's Dog Issue 3

#BDturns10 Spring 2014 saw Issue 3 come alive. Co-edited by Sophie F Baker Amy Mackelden and Jake Campbell the new pup on the shelf contained twenty stonking poems that, in the words of the editors, helped 'the earth shift, a little'.

Many editorials try to give insights into the themes and concerns that their selections evoke. It would feel disingenuous to do so, a misrepresentation of the poets and the individuality of each of their poems. That said, we’ve chosen 20 absolute stonkers – each a small plinth containing its own universe, its own rules. We invite you to look out at the world from their perspectives and feel the earth shift, a little.

Check out those spot lit poems in our video or pop in our online shop to buy a copy and read the lot! Copies of these early editions are now extremely limited, if not marked as out of stock. Tom Vickers Amanda Quinn Howard Laughton Jared A Carnie Rosie Garland James Bell Owen Vince Jane Burn Sarah Butler Danny O’Connor Rachel Piercey Sue Millard Julie Mellor Natacha Bryan Siegfried Baber Jo Brandon Keith Hutson Neil Fulwood Paul Bavister David Coldwell


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