Spotlight: Butcher's Dog Issue 2

Welcome to Butcher’s Dog, a new biannual magazine of poetry, based in Newcastle upon Tyne. We take our name from a northern phrase that says something about what we look for in poems: energy, excitement, instinct and audacity. We don’t care if they’re impolite. The Dog enjoys tasty morsels. The Dog has teeth.

Our first public submission call went live in the summer of 2013. Issue 2 co-editors Andrew Sclater and Degna Stone read hundreds of poems and together, whittled them down to these poets who featured in our printed magazine:

Amy Ekins

Karen Lloyd

Elizabeth Stott

Tania Hershman

Julie Mellor

Gareth Ellis

Bernadette McAloon Jaki Mccarrick Nicola Daly W N Herbert Brett Evans Kathleen Strafford Emma Must Jordan Winfield Philip Cowell Jenny King Mantz Yorke Stephen Sexton Pippa Little


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