Issue 11    Spring 2019
Edited by Dr Jo Clement, Will Barrett and Ali Lewis (Poetry School)

Poems by:
Cover Art:  Qi Fang

Issue 10    Autumn 2017
Edited by George Aird, James Giddings and Degna Stone

Poems by:
Barbara Barnes
Cover Art: Mark Bletcher
Joe Caldwell
Stuart Charlesworth
Ila Colley
Josephine Corcoran
Jenny Danes
Suzannah Evans
Lauren Garland
Tanya Guvi
Oz Hardwick
Carolyn Jess-Cooke
Anna Kisby
Rowena Knight
Martin Malone
Roy Marshall
Julie Mellor
Cynthia Miller
Michelle Penn
Mark Russell
Lenni Sanders
Jacqueline Saphra
Jo Surzyn
Pam Thompson

Issue 9   Spring 2017
Edited by Jo Clement, Edward Doegar and Degna Stone

Poems by:
Lewis Buxton
Cover Art: Qi Fang
Thomas Crompton
Taylor Edmonds
Catherine Edmunds
Niall Firth
Roland Fischer-Vousden
Robert Ford
Dawn Gorman
Will Harris
Karen Hodgson Pryce
Ian Humphreys
Rachel Long
Padraig Regan
Jacqueline Saphra
Richard Scott
Anna Selby
Alexander Shaw
David Spittle
William Stephenson
Julia Webb
Tony Williams

Issue 8     Autumn 2016
Edited by Sophie F Baker, Amy Mackelden and Clare Pollard

Poems by:
Fiona Cartwright
Cover Art: Isabel Rock
Anna Chilvers
Claire Collison
Kate Davis
Stephen Devereux
Craig Dobson
Lara Frankena
Rosie Garland
Andrew F Giles
Alex Harper
Jack Houston
Carolyn Jess-Cooke
Terry Jones
Aaron Kent
L Kiew
Nathaniel King
Amy McCauley
Abi Palmer
Matthew Paul
Flo Reynolds
Selina Rodrigues
Joanna Sedgwick
Katherine Stansfield
Laura Tansley
Alannah Taylor

Issue 7 Spring 2016
Edited by Jake Campbell, Pippa Little and Andrew Sclater

Poems by:
Barbara Barnes
Cover Art: Danny Allison
Peter Branson
Michael Brown
Lesley Burt
Claire Cox
Steven Earnshaw
Kathy Gee
Pamela Gormally
Tania Hershman
Roisin Kelly
Bridget Khursheed
Robin Kidson
Roy Marshall
Seán Martin
Richie McCaffery
Andrew McDonnell
Chris Ogden
Jacob Polley
Julie-ann Rowell
Mark Russell
Daniel Sluman
Shadwell Smith
David Spittle
Blaine Ward

Issue 6 Autumn 2015
Edited by Luke Allan, Wendy Heath and Degna Stone

Poems by:
Helen Boden
Cover Art: Suzanne Homer
Jo Cornwell
Matthew Dobson
Andrew Fentham
Alec Finlay
Angela France
Rebecca Gethin
Julie Hogg
Sarah Hymas
Kris Johnson
Francesca King
Laura McKee
Vicky Morris
Marion Oxley
Anita Pati
Wendy Pratt
Alex Reed
Shaun Robertson
Angus Sinclair

Issue 5 Spring 2015
Edited by Amy Mackelden, Carolyn Jess-Cooke and Andrew Sclater

Poems by:
Charlotte Ansell
Cover Art: Ornamental Conifer
Catherine Ayres
Chloe Balcomb
Jane Burn
Fiona Cartwright
Catherine Edmunds
Kerry Featherstone
Andy Fletcher
Neil Fulwood
Stephanie Green
Gaia Holmes
Lydia Hounat
Ian Humphreys
Sarah James
Terry Jones
John Maguire
Char March
Sarah Moor
Andrew Pullan
Rob Walton
Sarah Westcott
Shirley Wright

Issue 4 Autumn 2014
Edited by Sophie F Baker, Will Barrett and Poetry School

Poems by:
Kay Buckley
Cover Art: Danny Allison
Jane Burn
John Challis
Jo Clement
Claire Collison
Seth Crook
Steve Ely
Andrew Fentham
James Giddings
Ira Lightman
David Lukens
Lisa Matthews
Julie Mellor
Sarah Moor
Emma Must
Stephen Payne
Stuart Pickford
Angela Readman   
Maggie Sawkins
Natalie Shaw
Laura Tansley
Kate Wakeling
John Wedgwood Clarke

Issue 3 Spring 2014

Edited by Sophie F Baker, Jake Campbell and Amy Mackelden

Poems by:
Siegfried Baber
Cover Art: Laura Hol
Paul Bavister
James Bell
Jared A Carnie
Jo Brandon
Natacha Bryan
Jane Burn
Sarah Butler
David Coldwell
Neil Fulwood
Rosie Garland
Keith Hutson
Howard Laughton
Julie Mellor
Sue Millard
Danny O’Connor
Rachel Piercey
Amanda Quinn
Tom Vickers
Owen Vince

Issue 2 Autumn 2013
Edited by Andrew Sclater and Degna Stone
Poems by:
Philip Cowell
Cover Art: Daniel Stone
Nicola Daly
Amy Ekins
Gareth Ellis
Brett Evans
WN Herbert
Tania Hershman
Jenny King
Pippa Little
Karen Lloyd
Bernadette McAloon
Jaki McCarrick
Julie Mellor
Emma Must
Stephen Sexton
Elizabeth Stott
Kathleen Strafford
Jordan Winfield
Mantz Yorke

Issue 1 Autumn 2012
Cover Art: Wendy Heath
Edited by Luke Allan and Wendy Heath

Each of the poets featured in this issue received a Northern Writers’ Award in 2010 or 2011. The group met under the tutorship of Clare Pollard to create a new anthology of their work and Butcher’s Dog poetry magazine was officially founded. The original founders have since disbanded. Check out what they’re up to now by clicking the links below.

Luke Allan
Jake Campbell 
Sophie F Baker
Wendy Heath
Amy Mackelden
Andrew Sclater
Degna Stone  (Managing Editor 2010-2018)