Erasure Poem Competition

The world famous, stuff of legend, proper mint Butcher's Dog word game is back. If you'd like to win prizes and experiment with erasure poetry, this is your moment!


To join in, take any page of literature or ephemera. What do we mean by this? Tear a page from a book of classic literature, grab one of those endless take away menus or the local newspaper. Alternatively, you can print off a blog page, article or TinyLetter.

One you have selected your source text simply grab a pen, Tippex or any other mark making instrument and begin to strike through particular words in order to reveal others. This process is known as redaction. It conceals certain words in order to reveal or highlight others. 

You can keep it simple or work with other materials to bring the page to life. See this example from our pal Degna Stone, who takes Tippex to the first page in My Father, Marconi (1962) by Degna Marconi.

Degna Stone Redaction

If you'd prefer to keep it digital, you can screenshot a page of writing on your smart phone, tablet or laptop and redact using any of the many photo editors and paint functions. 

Need inspiration or want to know more about the process? Check out Tom Phillips' redacted Victorian novel A Humument (1970 & on) or Mary Ruefle's Melody: The Story of a Child.

One entry per person. Scan, photograph, attach or insert your image
and please send to 


Don't forget to include your full name, where you live

and the title of your erasure poem, should it have one.

Deadline Friday 27th November, 6pm.

We'll share our favourites a week later on Friday 4th December and announce the winner of a one year gift subscription to Butcher's Dog.

Have fun!